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Low Noise Stereo Preamplifier based NE5533

Low Noise Stereo Preamplifier based NE5533

This is the circuit diagram for low noise stereo preamplifier based on NE5533 operational amplifier. The circuit uses 2 pieces of NE5533 since there is only 2 op-amp circuits inside NE5533. This circuit is featured volume level, right/left balancing and loudness level adjustment. It will be easy to build this circuit since the components used in this circuit is not much and easy to find at electronic store.

About NE5533:

The NE5533 is dual/stereo high-performance low noise operational amplifiers. Compared to other operational amplifiers, such as TL083, they show better noise performance, improved output drive capability and considerably higher small-signal and power bandwidths. The single op-amp version is NE5534.

This makes the devices especially suitable for application in high quality and professional audio equipment, in instrumentation and control circuits and telephone channel amplifiers. The op amps are internally compensated for gain equal to, or higher than, three. The frequency response can be optimized with an external compensation capacitor for various applications (unity gain amplifier, capacitive load, slew rate, low overshoot, etc.) If very low noise is of prime importance, it is recommended that the 5533A version be used which has guaranteed noise specifications.

Download the NE5533 datasheet here.

About Audio Amplifier
An audio amplifier is an electronic amplifier that amplifies low-power audio signals (signals composed primarily of frequencies between 20 - 20 000 Hz, the human range of hearing) to a level suitable for driving loudspeakers and is the final stage in a typical audio playback chain.

The preceding stages in such a chain are low power audio amplifiers which perform tasks like pre-amplification, equalization, tone control, mixing/effects, or audio sources like record players, CD players, and cassette players. Most audio amplifiers require these low-level inputs to adhere to line levels.

While the input signal to an audio amplifier may measure only a few hundred microwatts, its output may be tens, hundreds, or thousands of watts. More explanation about power audio amplifier can be found at

This is a video tutorial about how to a very simple audio amplifier based on the LM386 amplifier chip. It can be built for less than $20 (or might be less than $8 in some countries) and used to amplify any low level audio signal including a guitar, bass or mp3 player.

Watch the video:

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